• Inga SHALEV Edith Wolfson Academic Nursing School, Israel
  • Adriana PRODAN Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Iasi, Romania


Health management, Director of nursing, Term limits, Organizational change, Innovation in healthcare systems


The nursing profession is a major partner in the management of healthcare organizations. At present, directors of nursing in the public health system occupy their role for 15 years on average and even until retirement. This study aimed to explore the implications of limiting terms of office for the nursing system within Israel's public health system. Moreover, the study examined the readiness of stakeholders to implement arrangements limiting terms of office for senior roles within the nursing system. This survey study utilized a sample of 201 stakeholders from five of Israel's 11 general public hospitals throughout the country. The findings of the statistical analysis showed that the implications of setting arrangements limiting terms of office for the nursing system in Israel's public health system are innovativeness and change in the organization, mobility in the organization, and improving the organization's management. Conclusions : readiness to implement arrangements limiting terms of office for DONs is characterized by perceptual duality. Topics for future research: expanding the study to the middle ranks of the nursing system, namely, to the population of head nurses.


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