• Mihaela RADOI Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Carol I 11, 700506, Iaşi, Romania tel. 0745953809


school, family, substance use, risk factors, protective factors, intervention.


Contemporary society has come to appreciate the beneficial effects of parents’ active participation in school life. Numerous studies have highlighted the decisive influence of a qualitative relationship between parents and children, parents/family and school upon children’s education (Irimescu 2010). In Romania, the National Education Law no. 1/2011 mentions that parents are considered principal partners and beneficiaries of the educational process. This study is based on the analysis of over 60 interviews conducted with form teachers within high schools of Iași. The topics concerned the following aspects: substance use; frequency of use; age of onset; substance use locations, in association with socio¬demographic characteristics (gender and age, educational background, place of residence, and marital status); influence of risk and protection factors (drug accessibility and availability, family use and parents’ attitude towards children’s use, parental authority and involvement in children’s education, influence of the entourage, relationship with school/ peers, involvement in curricular and extracurricular leisure activities, drug knowledge, perceived consequences of drug use, and opinions on drug use). This study focuses on both the difficulties that teachers encounter in their relationship with the family of a student who uses substances and their ambivalence when intervention is required. We have noticed an externalization of substance use issue in school; furthermore, teachers tacitly accept substance use behaviours.


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