• Craiţa FLORESCU assistent researcher and PhD student, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. Title of the PhD thesis: <i>The Problem of Interpretation from the Point of View of Formal Logic</i>.


formal semantics, deflationism, disquotational truth theory, T-sentence, Tarski


According to the proponents of disquotationalism, „being true” is ‚strongly’ equivalent to „being a device of (sentential) disquotation”. This means, on the one hand, that the disquo-tational use of the truth predicate covers everything there is to say about truth, and on the other hand, that the disquotational axioms are warranted. I am expanding these issues by pointing out the main features of the disquotational theories of truth, their formation from Tarski’s „concept of truth” (on the basis of an elementary intuition about truth present from Aristotle’s philosophy on), I give an interpretation of the way they build their truth predi-cate and I present some arguments and counter-arguments for or against the deflated con-ception of truth, based on the requirement of analyticity of the T-sentences.


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