The problemtological dimension of Brechtian Theatre: Mother Courage and Her Children


  • Roxana-Simona POCLID Universitatea „Al. I. Cuza” din Iaşi


rhetoric, Bertolt Brecht, theatre, problematology, Michel Meyer


The evolution of rhetoric, starting with Aristotle and continued later with Chaïm Perelman, Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca, Michel Meyer, showed that in a discourse it is not enough to use logical arguments. We know that when we try to persuade and seduce, we usually don’t get to the people through rational means. In order to tell our truths, we use explanations and we give examples from our own experience. Theatre, through rhetorical discourse, constitutes a perfect mode to share subjective truths, because each play is the interpretation of an author. The rhetorical discourse not only shares subjective truths, but also provides some answers to important questions. This article focuses on the play Anna Fierling and Her Children, according with the view of Michel Meyer about rhetoric. Which are the relevant questions that the play brings out and, more importantly, the answers gave by the characters have a problematological aspect?


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