• Alexandra BEJENAR Universitatea „Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi.


advertising, street art, graffiti, brandalism, antiestablishment


The postmodern epoch represents, in the first place, a constant challenge to our cultural habits. This led to profound changes in our lifestyles, thus giving birth to new cultural forms which had been difficult or even impossible to predict a few decades ago. If we were to name just a few factors that influenced the latter situation, we would mention changes in technology (and the subsequent re-technologization of the Western culture), the innovations in democracy and the ubiquity of new media. The industry of advertising, like many other domains, had to adapt to these changes. My paper thus presents some of the most relevant developments in the relationship between advertising and street art; I am interested in analizing the ways in which the advertisers made profit out of the practices and features of contemporary street art (brandalism, graffiti in reverse, anti-establishment protests, freshness and vividness). The creative adaptation of the advertising industry now consists not only in elaborating and communicating messages, but also in anticipating trends and making use of their value.


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