Ioan Ciprian BURSUC


Heidegger on Wonder (θαυμάζειν) as the Origin of Philosophy in GA 45/ Basic Questions in Philosophy: Selected „Problems” of „Logic”

Heidegger addresses the Greek idea of the origin of philosophy in wonder (θαυμάζειν) during all periods of thought, from the early courses to the late texts and conferences. Furthermore, he frequently makes inquiries regarding the phenomenon of wonder and its relation to curiosity, a widely known example is the 36th paragraph of Being and Time. In this article I will focus solely on the most developed form of Heidegger’s interpretation of wonder, which can be found in the course of 1937-1938 (GA 45). Through a close reading of the Heideggerian development, I aim to point out the specific of θαυμάζειν and the role it plays in the question of the origin of philosophy. This consists of an examination of the need and necessity of the first beginning of Western thinking, a refinement of the essential wonder out of its common forms (curiosity, marveling, admiration and astonishment) and the scrutinizing of the thirteen features of θαυμάζειν, delivered by Heidegger.


Heidegger on wonder, θαυμάζειν, the origin of philosophy, fundamental dispositions of thinking

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