• Dana TABREA PhD, “Al.I. Cuza” University of Iasi (Romania).


Conceptual overlap, Metaphysics, Ontological proof, Philosophical method, Scale of forms


The volume under review here is an exceptional publishing event as it reedits Collingwood’s An Essay on Philosophical Method first published in 1933 with additional material, i.e. an introduction, an essay on Bradley, a lecture on method and metaphysics and the correspondence with Ryle. The fundamental themes of An Essay on Philosophical Method are: conceptual overlap and the scale of forms within the context of discussion of the philosophical method. The Metaphysics of F. H. Bradley Collingwood reveals himself as an interpreter as he reads Bradley by his own views. The Correspondence with Gilbert Ryle is a philosophical polemics on the nature and value of the ontological proof. Method and Metaphysics is an application of the analytical method of the scale of forms in the Essay on hilosophical Method to the metaphysical problem of the the general nature of reality.

Author Biography

Dana TABREA, PhD, “Al.I. Cuza” University of Iasi (Romania).

Title of the thesis: The Development of Metaphysics as a Hermeneutics. Robin George Collingwood.