La cosmogonie populaire roumaine - entre les temps mythiques et la modernite recente

Maria-Alexandra DRĂGAN


The popular Romanian cosmogony - between the mythical times and the recent modernity

This volume proposes an original analysis of the Romanian cosmogonic myth. The author reviews the classical interpretations, emphasizing their strong and weak points and offering a broader hermeneutic framework that captures the uniqueness of Romanian myth and the relationship thereof with the European mythical heritage. The book is a must for nonspecialist reader, but also for scientific exegesis of the Romanian folklore. Review to Lucia Afloroaei, Mitul cosmogonic, variante româneşti şi interpretări actuale [Le Mythe cosmogonique, variantes roumaines et interprétations actuelles], Ed. Universităţii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iaşi, 2009


dualism; radical dualism; mythology; archetypal structures; primitive thought

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