Le sujet hermeneutique comme instance dialectique

Mădălin ONU


The Hermeneutical Subject as a Dialectical Instance

The aim of this paper is to show the dialectic nature of the hermeneutic subject. We will start following the development given by Kant and Hegel in order to define the notion of the subject and his inherent relation whit his object. Gadamer's and Heidegger's works will help us to define the subject's hermeneutic possibility; and that by making (when our problem demands) an inverse reconstruction. Finally, we will argue that, for understanding the subjectness of the subject, we must necessary consider his particular type of temporality, his spiritual / intersubjective nature and his possibility to comprehend the truth not only as propriety of mind, but also as belonging to the object.


Kant; Hegel; Heidegger; Gadamer; subject; object; hermeneutics; dialectic

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