• Carmen Mariana STANCIU Ph.D. Lecturer, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Department of Social Work; Tel. 0744299885


elderly, ageism, social marginalization, social support, intergenerational practice.


Since the specific problems the elderly are points of major interest to today's society, fact that led over time to identify a set of specific problems of old age, this study aims to present the main theoretical perspective of elderly issues (problems health, financial problems, poverty, addiction, social exclusion, retirement, the ageism, abuse). Each of these issues is addressed in order to highlight the causes, effects and possible solutions. Also present study the role of social support network, as one essential in cases of difficulty the elderly through them at some point in their lives. The final conclusions of the study indicate that: prevention and resolve specific problems the elderly requires an integrated and multidisciplinary health and social services; elderly represent category most at risk of social exclusion, mainly because of financial problems; social exclusion closely financial and health problems can lead to crisis in the life of the elderly; social support network with intergenerational practices contribute to the prevention social exclusion.


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