• CATALIN LUCA Catalin Luca is a PhD and executive director of Alternative Social Association
  • LILIANA FOCA Liliana Foca is a PhD Student and a project coordinator at Alternative Social Association
  • ALEXANDRU-STELIAN GULEI PhD Student and a project coordinator at Alternative Social Association
  • SILVIU-DANIEL BREBULET MS. in Human Relations and Communication and a school counselor,


Remigrant children, readjustment, emotional symptoms, conduct, hyperactivity/inattention, peers.


Over 21,000 children returned to Romania during January 2008-May 2012, as a result of a failure in the migration plans of their parents. This article presents conclusions of the analysis of quantitative data collected by investigating through questionnaires 245 remigrant children who applied for their reinstatement in the Romanian school system. Although almost 90 per cent of the subjects in the sociological questionnaire declared that they readjusted to Romanian social, school and cultural space, the research highlighted using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire5 reintegration difficulties for approximately 30 per cent of the remigrant children. Over 6,000 of the children who returned to Romania during the indicated period of time show a significant/major risk of developing a specific disorder from the prosocial spectrum: emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity/inattention and peer problems. These children require additional attention from their families but also psycho-social assistance and specialised support for their school adjustment.


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