• Ioan MITREA PhD student, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University from Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 54 Lascãr Catargiu street, 700107, Iasi, Romania


human resource management, national defense, military organization, motivation


This article is a summary of steps that went over time of continuously improving human resources for national defense. Improving human resource national defense is one of the strategic objectives. Subsumed in the military activities of human resource management is of particular importance due to permanent changes in society, to which we add reorganisations/ resizing existing military structures. Stages of human resource management were consistently enriched in producing modifications of the place, role and contribution of staff functions within the military organization. Optimization of human resources for national defense is required by currently existing reality. This transformation was necessary because of the role of modern armies in Europe, which the Romanian army wanted to be part of, had changed focusing on crisis management, conflict prevention and stability process control.


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