Rethinking Violence Against Women in Algeria: the House, the Patria Potestas and Masculine Domination


  • Mohamed BOUZEBRA PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and Member of Algerian National Security: Stakes and Challenges Labatory, Djilali Bounaama University of Khemis Miliana. ALGERIA


Women, Family field, Violence, Masculine domination


The article aim to apply the theory of the Masculine domination developed by Pierre Bourdieu, to investigate de nucleus of the Algerian society represented by the family. Throughout this article, we will try to explore the nature of the familial relation, and marking out the relation of force in the interiority of the house, thereupon unveil the exercise of the power from the men and women have been complicit in their own domination. The violence against the women in Algeria not just be determined by reference to the acts of violence, but it has effect in general in the social unconscious inherited justly of men and women.


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