• Adriana GHITOI Ph.D., Lecturer at Hyperion University of Bucharest, Departament of Journalism


history of Romanian sociological thought, Dimitrie Gusti, I.L. Caragiale, Romanian peasant 1907 uprising


This paper was initiated by a statement I found in D. Gusti’s work: “1907 continues to be valid even today. It is the only ‘sociological’ writing produced by Caragiale and with honor it stands beside the great analyses of Romanian society, realized in his plays and short stories.” 1907 reveals a Caragiale endowed with a profound and ingenious socioanalytical spirit, although the author was not at all an en titre sociologist. His competency, however, is recognized by Gusti himself: “I was sure that Caragiale’s study will be one of the most brilliant pieces of research on the difficult and complex ‘agrarian issue.”Through his standing vis-a-vis the 1907 revolt, through his lucid and articulated analysis of the reasons that lead to this peasant rising, and especially through the solutions that he offers, Caragiale demonstrates an affinity for the principles of the Bucharest Sociological School. Therefore, 1907 shows another facet of Caragiale’s protean personality – one that has not been sufficiently explored, but which is, I believe, worthy of further analyses.


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