• Dorina TICU PhD. / Assoc. Prof. „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Faculty of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences, Departament of Political Sciences, International Relations and European Studies


public policies, decisional models, analysis matrix, actors, rationality


Public policy analysis was done over time from the perspective of different paradigms: developmentalism, institutionalism, neo-sistemism, institutionalism , but these paradigms have raised question marks about the possibility of providing a comprehensive picture of the lifecycle and process of public policies. Beyond the general framework of research, various models of decision making in administrative area (the rational actor model, incremental model, the model of bureaucratic organization, etc.) bring with them the possibility of building an array of analysis on a number of dimensions, which aim to provide a comprehensive picture of the public policies cycle in the context of a world characterized by uncertainty. Dimensions identified in this study- the actors, the processes and mechanisms, decision-making criteria and ways of reasoning and values and principlesplace the public policies in a new frame of analysis that involves them, defining an analytic universe that concerns a number of new paradigms: the organizational behavior and the collaborative governance.


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