• Ionela Carmen BOȘOTEANU Asist. Univ. Dr., "Petre Andrei" University of Iasi, Faculty of Economics


blog, blogosphere, political communication.


A recent branch of social research, new media and, implicitly, the term itself, indicates a series of changes in the way in which the relationship between theory and practice is realised or the way in which the research topic is approached. In the context of the development of the new on-line communication media used in the previous electoral campaigns both in Romania and abroad, the candidates' communicators and PRs in the parliamentary elections of 2012 included the Internet among the communication mediums, considering it a means for transmitting information from the candidate to the voters. This paper aims to identify the number of MPs present in the on-line environment with a site or a blog, to detail the communication strategies they use in the on-line environment, to identify the inactive political blogs owned by the politicians of the current legislature, as well as good practice examples in using the political blog, versus uninspired blogs. Moreover, the qualitative analysis included in this research will highlight some typologies of the Romanian political blogosphere.


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Studiul de audientã pentru blogurile românesti [Rating study on the Romanian Blogs], 2009:

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