• Nina Mihaela MIHALACHE Phd Associated Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Carol I 11, 700506, Iaşi, Romania;


C. Stere, Poporanism, Sterism, Revolution


This text unravels the life and personality of C. Stere. Born in Bessarabia but exiled in Romania, he remained a revolutionary and a militant of justice and truth until the end of his life. C. Stere remains an emblematic figure of Romanian politic and literature. He is associated with Sterism and Poporanism, for which he pleaded his whole life, and with the impressive literary work that he left to posterity. Though he was an endowed writer, he managed to actually write and publish his cherished works toward the end of his life. This was due to his troubled life and to his active involvement in political life. He hoped his entire life for a new Revolution capable of promoting and implementing social justice. C. Stere also built a university career: for a few years, he was a Professor and then the Rector of the University in Iaşi. C. Stere’s image has remained vivid over time because of his illustrious literary work and of his depiction as a genuine revolutionary.


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