• Cătălin PÎRVU Ph.D. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, str. Caderea Bastiliei nr. 36, sector 1, Bucharest, 0727260914


character, temperament, education, metaphysics, philosophy, mythology, psychology, integration


Is the character of a person predetermined at birth by its own genetics and temperament, or does the individual rather develop the potentialities that are encouraged and never actualizes the ones that are discouraged by the environment and/or education? The field of psychographics tries to answer these questions by determining constant categories of variations in attitudes, interests and opinions, but also temperaments on large groups of people, sorting by character types. These variables are the visible part of an invisible structure of psychological functions described for the first time by Carl Jung (1971). The puzzle of psychographics sketched by authors such as Jung (1971), Myers & Briggs (1962) or David Keirsey (1998) is completed by the understandings in the fields of philosophy and metaphysics of Allan Watts (2014), or personal and universal mythology described by Joseph Campbell (2008) or Robert Moore and David Gillette (1991)


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