• Natalia ALBU Ph.D. in political science, associate professor, Departament of Public Administration, Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy of the Armed Forces, Republic of Moldova


security, vulnerability, risk, threst, small states, geopolitical, financial crisis


To ground the findings set forth in the given article, it is important to use an analytical and conceptual approach to security, risk, and threatening notions, which allow us pointing out the way in which security is to be learned, thought, and practiced. Analyzing from gradual point of view, attention should be paid to assessment of vulnerabilities, as they diminish the reaction capacity of the respective country to the existing or potential risks. In this context, the main internal vulnerabilities of the Republic of Moldova should be mentioned, which in current circumstances increase the role of external factors, representing the force which conditions security policies. Actually, we talk here about the perspective of the small states with a weak potential to ensure their national security. Regardless of the situations mentioned in the respective article, whenever we talk about the security of small and weak states, it goes without saying that currently the internal risks and dangers register a very high level, thus potentiating the external ones, such as the global economic crisis.


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