Avatarurile politice ale recunoasterii



The aim of our study is to single out a possible way to the culture of recognition in a world strained by deep social cleavages and a strong conflict between values. The study attempts to answer the desideratum of the recognition culture by developing a model of the political founded on the correlation of certain aspects of the human and of the political. Globalization, multiculturalism, the recrudescence of identity movements, as well as other current social and political, economic, cultural, religious processes ask for comprehensive analyses able to generate reasonable suggestions and realistic solutions. There is a need for research capable of nuanced interpretations, proper adaptation and feasible recom¬mendations regarding the dynamics between identity and alterity, unity and diversity, inovation and tradition etc., within the scope of deliberative and participatory democracy and of the recognition culture.


recognition; recognition culture; identity; globalization; multiculturalism


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