• ELENA SIMONA VRANCEANU PhD Student, Teaching Assistant, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


labour market, employment, economic welfare, migration, Romanian immigrants


The aim of the paper is to determine if there is a connexion between the tendencies of migration and European labour market. Preliminary data on Romanian migration focus on the first stages of the phenomenon. Continuing with new forms of migration from post-communist Romania, we can establish the contemporary challenges of migration. In terms of European labour market, Romania, as the other Eastern European countries, must manage a difficult issue - labour migration. Economic welfare is one of the main conditions for actual migration flows from Romania to European Union. In other words, we can say that labour market performance and migration policy in destination countries are key drivers of migration decisions. Fair treatment of European labour migration, clear rules on labour mobility, a coherent and effective economic policy of the EU are some of the directions that we propose as a result of this analyse.


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