• DORINA ȚICU PhD Student,Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași


public policy, rationality, systemic approach, motivation, practical approach, organizational behavior


The public policies may be seen as a rational approach of the legitimate actors, clearly planned aiming at identifying the problems appeared at a certain moment but also at solving them fully in accordance with the signals received from the public sphere. In other words, the public policies don’t represent anything but the rational action and strongly motivated, oriented towards a definite purpose, with a practical end. On the other hand, the practice of the public policies has to be related to a series of exogenous, circumstantial factors, such as: political competition, cultural models, organizational system and organizational culture, the individual characteristics of the actors involved in order to have a complete image on the universe of public policies. From this point of view, this study intends to place the public policies on an imaginary axis which has as landmarks the rationality, on one hand, and the practical approach, on the other hand. We try to achieve this positioning from the perspective of two dimensions, on one hand, the clear establishment of the public policies, from the perspective of terminology and, on the other hand, from the perspective of outlining and overtaking the classic systemic model.


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