• BOGAN CONSTANTIN MIHAILESCU PhD, University Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi


progress, Enlightenment, postmodernism, ideology, political imaginary


For the modern politics, progress is the essential mark, the judgement criterion of the major social and political reforms and changes, the north of the ideological compass. Politics without progress, for the man of the modernity, is a politics without sense. Liberals, utopians, marxists or socialists - they are all progressists. However, for the disillusioned man of the XXI-st century, a politics which is aimed and created for finding peace is wiser and more advantageous - as the history of the XX century proves - than the politics subordinated to the progressive desideration. But the danger of renouncing the progress as an ideal is the lack of a reasonable substitute, and the consequence of leaving the political space even more permeable, increasing the possibility of the emerging conflicts, more than modern politics does.


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