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Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi,

(SERIE NOU─é, Sectiunea Filosofie - Tomul LIX / 2012

        ISSN: 1221-8413 ;

General information and authors' guidelines

About Us

        The Scientific Annals of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi (New Series). Philosophy (ISSN

        1221-8413) is the international magazine of the Philosophy Department, Faculty of Philosophy and

        Social-Political Sciences of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi. Between 1955, when it was

        created, and 1964, the magazine was published under the title Annals of "A.I. Cuza" University

        Iasi. New Series, 3rd section: Social Sciences. From 1967 until 1990, it was called Annals of "A.I.

        Cuza" University Iasi. New Series, 3rd section: Social Sciences. Philosophy, and since 1990 it has

        been published under the current title. The magazine comes out once a year, at the end of October

        (deadline for submissions: May 31), at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Press, Iasi.

Editorial policy

        We publish original articles from all areas of philosophy, irrespective of the school of thinking the

        author belongs to, or his/her philosophical orientation. We only publish articles that have not been

        published before, in other magazines or volumes. Republication of an already published article is

        possible only in exceptional cases. We also publish translations from classical or contemporary

        authors, but this cannot exceed 10% of the total number of texts in each issue. We also publish

        book reviews and philosophy conference notes. Debates and academic polemics are also welcome.

        Texts can be in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Occasionally we publish also texts in

        Romanian. The length of texts submitted for publication should be: 3,000-7,000 words for articles,

        and 1,000-2,000 words for reviews.

        Any opinions expressed in the published texts belong to the authors and do not represent the point

        of view of the publishers, editors, or members of the editorial board. Authors must take full

        responsibility for the ideas they express in their articles.


        Two independent examiners, who are international specialists in philosophy, are in charge with

        evaluating the articles. The evaluation period is 2-3 months, and authors will be informed about the

        results of the evaluation. Occasionally, authors may be asked to make some changes in their texts


        The magazine is distributed internationally, amongst various university libraries from all over the

        world. The magazine is available free of charge in its electronic format on Faculty of Philosophy

        and Social-Political Sciences' website:

        Authors will receive a hard copy of the magazine and/or 5 excerpts.


        Texts will be submitted by e-mail (as attachments):, and two hard

        copies will be sent by regular post to: "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Iasi, Faculty of

        Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, for the attention of the editorial office of The Scientific

        Annals of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi (New Series). Philosophy, Bd. Carol I, no. 11,

        700506 Iasi, Romania.

Author's rights

        All rights remain with the author. The author retains the right to republish the materials published

        in the magazine, in their original or in a changed form, with a note about the fact that they were

        first published in our magazine.

Technical standards of editing

        Authors should include a 10-line summary of their text in English, together with the English

        version of the title. 5-10 key words should also be provided, in English, after the summary. This

        applies to reviews, notes, and critical debates as well.

        Authors should also submit a short biography to the editorial office, mentioning the institution they

        are affiliated with, their title and didactic or research degree, the title of their doctoral thesis and the

        year of its defense, their areas of competency and interest, the disciplines they teach and/or the

        research projects they have undertaken, their contact details (including e-mail address) and a short

        list of their main publications. This bio-bibliographical note should not exceed 10 lines and should

        be sent separately.

        Texts should be written in view of a peer-review evaluation type. For this purpose, authors should

        write their name on a separate sheet (rather than at the beginning or at the end of the article), which

        should be placed before the first text page. This page should contain: the name and didactic or

        research degree of the author, and the institution that he/she is affiliated with. In view of a pertinent

        evaluation, authors should not include in the text anything that could reveal their identity.

        Texts should be edited in Microsoft Word, using the Times New Roman font, 12 pt size.

        Notes will be placed at the bottom of the page (as footnotes), using the Times New Roman font, 10

        pt size.

        References to author books will be given in the following format: author, title (in italics), the

        number of the volume (if applicable), edition (if applicable), translator (if applicable), city,

        publishing house, year, page.

        References to texts published in collective volumes will be given in the following format: author,

        title (normal writings, in inverted commas), in Author (ed.), title (in italics), the number of the

        volume (if applicable), edition (if applicable), the author of the translation (if applicable), city,

        publishing house, year, page.

        References to articles published in magazines will be given in the following format: author, title

        (normal writings, in inverted commas), the title of the magazine (in italics), issue number, year,


        The bibliography will be placed at the end of the text.

        Call for papers

        Deadline for issue number LX: 31st May 2013

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